installing cx_oracle on centos

Installation and support for Oracle DB on CentOS.
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installing cx_oracle on centos

Post by taylorss » 2008/07/22 11:59:22

Just started using CentOS and I like it so far, but I'm having some trouble with some basic configuration issues that I haven't run into in other linux distros:

I'm trying to instal cx_oracle (oracle api for python) for python 2.5.2, which requires the oracle client libraries:

I have decided to use 10g. (box is a custom server dual quad proc xeon x64 architecture)

I found a post suggesting I could use the oracle instant client:

but cx_oracle does not recognize the instant client libraries during the build (python build).

So I tried using the full oracle 10g client (500+MB):

But CentOS isn't supported so it won't install (I decided not to try and change my uname function).

Has anyone successfully installed cx_oracle on centos5?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: installing cx_oracle on centos

Post by Bubak » 2008/09/25 11:10:22

I have used -ignoreSysPrereqs parameter for Oracle installer for database 10g sw installation on CentOS 5.2. Another possible way I have used on CentOS 4 was to replace content of the file /etc/redhat-release to "redhat-4". I think it is possible on CentOS 5.2 too:-).

Best regards

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