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Looking for a package with ""

Posted: 2008/06/13 10:53:11
by regtaman
I've successfully installed CentOS 5.1 on my 2 PCs, which I'm currently using, and I've had no major problems with that so far. I'm now trying to install Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Database 10gR2 on that platform, and there I hit a problem. The installation aborts at the very beginning with the following error message :

Exception java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory occurred.

After looking at the Oracle Metalink site, it would appear that this is because the Oracle installation is looking for a deprecated shared library object called "" which it can't find, and they (Oracle) suggest that one of the following packages be installed to resolve that problem :
- xorg-x11-deprecated-libs-6.8.2-1.EL.13.20.i386.rpm
- XFree86-libs-4.3.0-78.EL.i386.rpm
Both of those packages contain the library object in question, and both should apparently be on one of the Red Hat EL5 installation CDs. Unfortunately, it would appear that neither is on my CentOS installation CD. After doing a bit of research on the internet, it would appear that those packages are in the CentOS 4 distribution, but not in CentOS 5.

My question is - can I install one of those packages from a CentOS 4 distribution on my CentOS 5 platform ?

Unfortunately, I don't think I'd get very far if I approach Oracle with that problem, as they would only support a Red Hat platform (plus some others), but not CentOS.



Looking for a package with ""

Posted: 2008/06/13 13:09:25
by gerald_clark
Do not double post.

Re: Looking for a package with ""

Posted: 2008/07/18 20:15:06
by manitou
this error means that there is no xorg-x11-deprecated-libs package installed

you should probably read through this page

Re: Looking for a package with ""

Posted: 2008/09/11 01:29:53
by seismo
yum install libXp

Re: Looking for a package with ""

Posted: 2010/07/26 09:29:40
by apis17
if all fails try this

yum install xorg-x11-utils