CentOS versions for Oracle 11g

Installation and support for Oracle DB on CentOS.
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CentOS versions for Oracle 11g

Post by darkfurby » 2017/03/02 07:28:09

Hello. Im going to work on Oracle, which version of CentOS is the best for this database? I cant find CentOS 5 Update 2 for it...as it says on Oracle Documentation that it is the best version of Red Hat for it.

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Re: CentOS versions for Oracle 11g

Post by TrevorH » 2017/03/02 13:16:15

No-one should be using 5.2 ever, anywhere.

All of CentOS 5 will go end of life in 4 weeks time and 5.2 came out in 2008 so would be missing 9 *years* of security fixes.

Use CentOS 7 or even 6. I'm sure you can find many guides for installation on the internet but avoid anything that suggests that you disable selinux and beware of anything that says to set it to permissive although that is, at least, slightly better than disabling it entirely. In permissive mode you can use our wiki instructions for generating your own selinux policy module so that you can switch back to enforcing mode.
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