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getting a kernel patch from 5.7

Posted: 2012/03/28 22:34:01
by tothphu

We are currently running Centos 5.5, but I have found an XFS bug (, which might affect us and has been corrected in 5.7. I would need the diff only for that bug, so that I can patch our kernel. However downloading and extracting the source rpm (2.6.18-274.3.1.el5.src.rpm) I have realized, that currently the patches are merged to one huge 87 MB file.

What other possibility do I have other than extracting line-by-line from that gigantic patch?


getting a kernel patch from 5.7

Posted: 2012/03/29 00:01:09
by TrevorH
yum update

Why are you running a CentOS 5.5 kernel? There are root exploits in kernels that old. In addition there are numerous other bugs fixed and enhancements backported by the upstream vendor. Any application you have running on CentOS 5.5 should work on 5.8 (the current version) just as well if not better.

Re: getting a kernel patch from 5.7

Posted: 2014/01/11 01:03:30
by Super Jamie
Individual kernel commits are not available outside the upstream vendor paywall.

If you have an upstream customer portal login, you can use their Source Browser to find the individual patch from the bug number. You'll want to look for the original bug (718232) not the clone (727590).

I strongly agree with Trevor's suggestion to upgrade the kernel. Running XFS on a 4 yearold kernel is just asking for trouble.