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[SOLVED] Problems at startup

Posted: 2010/05/15 15:19:23
by HowardMaler
I have installed the CentOS 5.4 several times and when it restarts it hangs with the screen simply saying 'GRUB'

I have diligently searched for an explaination. I can install ubuntu 9.10 workstation and it seems to run ok, but my newest client requires CentOS. I am relitively new to the LINUX worlds and the has been my only exposure to CentOS.

My configuration is as follows:

Gigabyte Motherboard circa 2002
3 GB Ram
Two PATA 500 GB IDE drives are configured on the IDE0 slot for the IDE controller
One DVD Burner, One DVD ROM configured on the IDE1 slot for the IDE Controller

On board RAID in ATA configuration which means like another IDE controller

1 - PATA 200 GB IDE drive as Master in slot R_IDE_0
1 - PATA 300 GB IDE drive as Slave in slot R_IDE_0

I cannot seem to get my systems to do anything remotely similar, as far as partitiioning goes, to the documentation. I cannot seem to understand how to configure the GRUB, and the installation broke my Ubuntu WS and I can no longer get to that. I had first thought that the RAID was the issue, however disabeling it even removing the disks from the systems did not change the issue. I reduced the system to one hard drive same thing. I have seen this issue before in Windows when I promoted a disk and forgot to make it startable. I suspect something similar in the CentOS world but I cannot seem to figure is out.

I have been in the Windows world for over 20 years and consider myself to be technical but this is baffeling. Can anyone offer any insight, I am sure that there is probably some simple things I have over looked.

Re: Problems at startup

Posted: 2010/05/16 00:36:18
by HowardMaler
Hi all well after some close scrutinyand a few phone calls to friends, I discovered the root of the issue. It seems that the on-board hardware raid was causing some interesting effects.

Once I disabled the raid and reinstalled the system, all seems right with the universe.

Re: Problems at startup

Posted: 2010/05/16 09:35:56
by milosb
Nice to hear you have resolved your problem and posted the solution. If you search around the forum, you'll see on-board RAID (AKA fake-RAID) is known to cause all different sorts of problems.

Therefore, you should use software RAID instead (since you don't have hardware RAID controller), and to create it during install time, please read:
[url=]RHEL 5 Deployment Guide - RAID[/url]


[SOLVED] Problems at startup

Posted: 2010/05/16 15:35:16
by AlanBartlett
For posterity, this thread is now marked as [SOLVED].