x86_64 network install fails

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x86_64 network install fails

Post by bluegroper » 2010/04/02 06:03:32

Downloaded a fresh CentOS 5.4 network install iso.
Checked the md5 sums.
Burnt to CD.
Boot from new hardware.
Wait for download Stage2.img, circa 100 MB
Accept most defauts.
Just a few clicks.
Accept ALL default packages and repositories. Make NO changes.
Do NOT tick the box for extra packages, otherwise there'll be failed dependencies, and will need to start all over again at the beginning.
I wish the installation worked slightly better than this.
D/loading the Stage2.img 3 or 4 times over is a mild nuisance.
HTH somebody else.

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Re: x86_64 network install fails

Post by pschaff » 2010/04/02 13:06:41

Network installs are really only good on a local network, particularly for minimal installations. They are very unreliable for full installs over the internet if you have less than a perfect network connection. Best bet for most people is to use the DVD media, or if unable to handle that the CDs. A [b]very[/b] minimal install can be done from CD#1 by deselecting [b]everything[/b] including "base".


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