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Creative Labs

Posted: 2008/08/25 13:30:13
by PBrimacombe
I finally got sound! After a year of fooling around with Creative Labs X-Fi card, I pulled it out and went back to the audio on the mother board
Intel Corporation 631xESB/632xESB High Definition Audio Controller
on reboot I interrupted the bios and turned on the sound on the motherboard

and I got sound to work from Firefox, the most important part is that I used only the gui Package Manager, here are the packages I installed

I am using firefox.X86-64. I installed and uninstalled many times, I forget the order, the important part is I used only the Package Manager otherwise I would probably have an unbootable system.

To complete this technical triumph, I also got dual screens to work off my NVIDIA card. I installed the NVIDIA driver and then configured /etc/X11/xorg.conf I am using VMware to run MS Windows so I put the MS Windows on one screen and linux stuff on the other.

A Mac provides serious sound with a lot less hassle.

Creative Labs

Posted: 2008/08/25 15:28:14
by NedSlider
Thanks for sharing your triumph :-)

PBrimacombe wrote:

A Mac provides serious sound with a lot less hassle.[/quote]

Things are a lot simpler on Macs because they only have to support one set of hardware, not an infinite number of possible combinations, and you pay for it in more expensive purchase price not to mention a lack of timely security updates.

Mac hardware is nice though and you can always run CentOS on it :-D

Re: Creative Labs

Posted: 2012/10/19 20:35:35
by PBrimacombe
I just replaced my dell 490

to get sound I pulled the Creative Labs card and turned on audio on the mother board

works every time