Dell PowerEdge 840 - Xeon - Xen

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Dell PowerEdge 840 - Xeon - Xen

Post by mickh » 2008/07/15 22:56:52

I'm considering purchasing a Dell Poweredge 840 with Xeon quad core CPU + 4G RAM as a Xen virtualisation platform.
At some stage this box may also be used to test Ovirt as a virtualisation platform.

Can anyone confirm that this CPU will do proper hardware virtualisation, in other words, that it is a "vmx" processor?
According to Intel, this is a "VT" processor and RedHat confirm that this Dell box is OK for RHEL5.

Any gotchas or problems I should be aware of in relation to CentOS 5.2?

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Dell PowerEdge 840 - Xeon - Xen

Post by AlanBartlett » 2008/07/16 16:58:21

As [b]CentOS 5 == RHEL 5 [i]less RH[/i][/b] due to that well known equivalence, if [b]RH[/b] have confirmed that the processor is suitable for your needs with [b]RHEL 5[/b] then it is likewise appropriate for your needs with [b]CentOS 5[/b].

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