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swap gets full and fuller

Posted: 2008/07/09 06:14:07
by Rupertt
I have one machine thatused to crash from time to time,
one of the messages is always that there was no more swap available.
When I now log into the machine, I can see that 80% of the swap are already full,
yesterday it was at 50%. I expect the crash some time today.

How can i find out what is causing this?
The only task this machine does is to act as a mysql slave, there are 2 other servers that also only relicate and
one of them is also crashing, but not that often.



swap gets full and fuller

Posted: 2008/07/09 06:19:39
by WhatsHisName
Add more memory?

Use top or ps aux to see what's hogging the memory.

You might even spot a memory leak.

How much memory is installed and how large is swap?