CentOS 5.2 upgrade to x8_64 failing

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CentOS 5.2 upgrade to x8_64 failing

Post by flare » 2008/07/08 01:15:34

Tried to upgrade 4 servers last night, 3 failed in the following manner

The servers would try to boot
then they stopped at "Write protecting the kernel: ....."

and that is it. Previously these servers were running Centos 4.5 32 bit with no issues.

I could perform a CTRL-ALT-Delete and ALT-F3 and ALT-F4 to view the log outputs, no errors reported on those screens

anyone any ideas ?

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CentOS 5.2 upgrade to x8_64 failing

Post by NedSlider » 2008/07/08 16:23:10

How did you attempt to upgrade?

The recommended method of going from 4.x to 5.x is really with a fresh install and then restoring your data from backups.

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