How different is IA64?

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How different is IA64?

Post by IMAN7 » 2008/06/22 11:51:22

I am after a job, asking for a unix/linux admin.
The company uses HPUX and RHEL5.
All the servers however are IA64 Itanium 2 servers.
How different is Itanium 2 from x86_64?
I never had the joyful chance to play with this hardware.
I just know that they don't use grub.
Has anybody ever worked with this class of CPU?
How different is Linux on this system compared to mainstream x86?

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Re: How different is IA64?

Post by movieman » 2008/06/23 03:02:01

How different is Itanium 2 from x86_64?

Other than being a 64-bit CPU, almost entirely different. If I remember correctly the original Itaniums could run x86 software, but I don't know whether that was in hardware or a software emulator.

Itanium is a VLIW CPU, x86 is... well.. x86 :).

Linux shouldn't be much different on it, though.

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