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Re: Flash player install

Post by hawaiian717 » 2011/04/20 00:43:32

Adobe itself also maintains a Yum repository for the Flash player. No idea if it works with CentOS 4.x, but I've used it with CentOS 5. When you go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ you should have the option of selecting "Flash Player 10.2 for Linux (YUM)", this will download an RPM to install Adobe's repo, and after that you should be able to do a "yum install flash-plugin".

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Re: Flash player install

Post by troldahl » 2011/08/30 04:42:28

This is probably answered or stated elsewhere, but I had this issue with CentOS 6 and after downloading the YUM file I had to type:

yum install flash-plugin.i386

note the .i386 had to be there or it did not work.

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Re: Flash player install

Post by babyskill » 2014/03/19 10:39:18

I also met a similar case, thanks!
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