Adding Gnome "Window Selector" to panel causes error.

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Adding Gnome "Window Selector" to panel causes error.

Post by gwoodruf » 2007/05/25 21:07:45

Under Cent OS 5. I have the gome panel running remotely to a windows PC with and Apple Cine Display 30 inch monitor.
The x-Server is X-Win32 on WIndows XP.

When I try and add a window selection applet I get the message:

The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_WindowMenuApplet"

I wish there was a better error message? Is it logged some place?

The Rez of the monitor is large 2500x1600 ?

Any idea how to fix this ?

Except for some of the panel applets seems to work fine. I has this under RedHat 3 enterprise and it worked fine.

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