Xen networking

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Xen networking

Post by BartB » 2007/04/16 21:45:57

I have a pc with two onboard NIC's (nv_lan and marvell)... When installing a base system (no additional tools), my networking works works ok. I am using static IP's and am able to ping the whole world (if I have to ;) )

nv_lan = eth0 =
marvell = eth1 =

Both NIC's are configured to start at boot. And all works..

However, when I install a Xen-kernel, something happens to eth0. During the init, a green [OK] appears, and ifconfig eth0 shows that the interface is up.

But, my routing-table (route) does only show a rule for eth1 and a 169.x.x.x rule (which is a strange one!). And the default GW is not set, so networking is not possible. If I do a "service network restart", the routing table is good (with a default gw set) and I believe networking is good (not sure, I have some issues, but I am not sure who is the problem, CentOS or me ;) )

I have tried to explicitly bind eth0 to Xen using Xen's config file, but that does not solve anything.

When I set eth1 NOT to start automatically (/etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eth1) and then reboot, I have the same problem... But, my routing-table is completely empty then..

Any ideas?

Oh, btw... running CentOS 5 x86_64 on a Asus A8N-Deluxe with a AMD X2 4200+

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Xen networking

Post by z00dax » 2007/04/22 00:06:40

unfortunately not all drivers for all hardware work properly with Xen, and some ( including the nv ones ) are known to have issues :/ While I cant help with your problem here specifically, I think its a related issues that you are hitting here.

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