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Webmin not starting up

Posted: 2017/03/03 17:18:32
by sysnub
I am running a mail server on a CENTOS 5.1 with Webmin 1.820. I rebooted the server because pop was not working. When the server came back online Webmin did not start. I don't know what I can do, if it is not fixable is it possible to do a back up from terminal then restore on a fresh install of webmin? any help will be much appreciated!

ps: Also I am new here but really looking forward to becoming an active member of this community!

Re: Webmin not starting up

Posted: 2017/03/03 17:32:05
by TrevorH
CentOS 5.1 :( Really? Congratulations, you win the most outdated server of the year 2017 so far. CentOS 5.1 was released in December 2007 and if you are really running 5.1 then you are missing the last *9 years* of security patches.

Also, CentOS 5 is about to reach End Of Life (EOL) and there will be no more security updates for it at all after the end of this month. You are strongly encouraged to move to a CentOS 7 server which has another 7 years of life left yet.

For your current problem, does the directory /var/webmin exist? If it doesn't, create it and give the user that webmin runs with write access to it so that it can store its pid file there.

Re: Webmin not starting up

Posted: 2017/03/04 18:59:18
by sysnub
Awesome! it worked, I have no idea why that reboot would have caused errors, but it seems like all the settings are on default. I have cg-bin/openwebmail/ was not found. If I update and reboot this server will this happen again?