24/7 active web site in my Server what i do

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24/7 active web site in my Server what i do

Post by mahesh561 » 2014/02/26 10:09:08

Dear Web Host Experts

I currently have a dedicated server with cpanel and one backup server , and recently had a network outage, resulting in the site being down for several hours.

Not good for business...... So my question is, if i bought a second server with another host, how can i implement a fail safe system, where by

1. The primary server serves the shop 24/7
2. In the event of a server crash or network failure, i can switch to the secondary server
3. Can i use 1 cpanel to do this, or do i need 2?
4. What software would you use to make the switch?
5. Are there any other better ways to do what i need?
I have two service provider ...I Done configuration in router and firewall one network goes down another network comes up automatically.
but how to do the with in the Server ..please help me sir

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Re: 24/7 active web site in my Server what i do

Post by TrevorH » 2014/02/26 11:53:04

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