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Create a file downloads directory

Post by ucensys01 » 2013/08/24 01:17:57

Operating System: CENTOS 5.9 x86_64

I am hosting multiple CMS sites. I have not created a file downloads directory for the individual virtual hosts (VH) and this is required. How do I create a valid directory for each VH.

Thank you in advance for your time.



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Re: Create a file downloads directory

Post by onlygilang » 2014/01/25 13:04:42

i cannot see how can i post my problem here, but the problem is look similar category maybe :mrgreen: ,

i have planing to sell digital download.

my problem before :
i was install wordpress in my VPS centos 6, first while im install wordpress i was trouble for updating wordpress and installing plugins via admin dashbord, but it was resolve by change owner directory to apache, because before, i was upload wordpress as root,
i was success by using command "chown -R apache /home/public_html/" (here is wordpress file).

but my questions is:
how if i upload file(plugin, themes, etc) via console bitvisessh as root to wp-content since default user is root, do i need to login as apache?
is wordpress will cache the file that i was uploaded if i upload file as root?,
if there will be problem, what the kind should i do?

i have planing to sell digital download.

sorry, im newbie os basic linux OS,


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