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Cant Enter myphpadmin on Localhost. Asks me for HTACCESS Pas

Posted: 2013/08/03 02:59:47
by Miklo
I recently bought a Centos VPS Server and I am trying to install everything from the bottom!
I have installed all the LAMP Packages and now start having trouble with phpmyadmin!

Usually my phpadmin have to log me in from http://MY-IP-ADRESS/phpmyadmin, but my server was giving me a 403 error with this message:
You don’t have permission to access /phpMyAdmin/ on this server.

I found out that editing this file in here "/etc/httpd/conf.d/phpMyAdmin.conf" and simply adding a comment or # sign infront of the lines “Deny from All ” I would maybe be able to enter.. So thats what I did! After commenting the spots, I restarted my apache server and tried to visit phpmyadmin folder again, and this time it was asking me for an htaccess pass.... I cant see any htaccess file in any of the folders.. And I am very exhausted after 2 days figuring out why! :-(

I really hope I can get some help about this, and fix my phpadmin a soon as posssible with some professional help!

God bless and I cant wait to hear from you..

Kindly Regards Miguel

Re: Cant Enter myphpadmin on Localhost. Asks me for HTACCESS Pass?

Posted: 2013/09/18 19:34:07
by santosfred
Hi, did you install the apache, php and mysql, in this order? When I used a localhost tests to make my web sites simulations i always needed this 3 plataforms.