Control panel to CentOS 5.7

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Control panel to CentOS 5.7

Post by apadillav21 » 2011/11/07 17:07:43

Hi community,

I need install in my server a control panel, according your skill Which is the best control panel to webhosting under CentOS 5.7?

Andres P

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Control panel to CentOS 5.7

Post by gerald_clark » 2011/11/07 17:09:01

Control panels are not supported.

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Re: Control panel to CentOS 5.7

Post by pschaff » 2011/11/10 18:42:44

Based on questions asked here, and the experiences reflected by them, control panels seem to cause more problems than they solve. What are you expecting to gain by using one? It may be more productive in the long run to learn what you need to know to manage your system without such a crutch.

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