tomcat server.xml

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tomcat server.xml

Post by BubikolRamios » 2011/10/26 12:52:29

Need opinions on this :


If I do http://localhost/, I get tomcat welcome page, but I should not. I should get MYAPP.

OK, I can comment/uncomment lines between FOO, and then it works, but pretty sure that was as it is now and it was working.

I guess If I do from my win machine via centos machine, in browser : ip_of_centos_machine , and get my app pop up, means that transporting centos machine to
final location to where I have redirected my domain is OK and it will work ?

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tomcat server.xml

Post by pschaff » 2011/10/26 20:09:43

CentOS packages will not install under /opt. Where did you get the tomcat package (or tarball)? That is where you should go for support. In any case, running a server, that presumably needs to be accessed externally, on localhost sounds like a [i][b]Bad Idea [TM][/b][/i].

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