Do I need Antivirus?

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Do I need Antivirus?

Post by Art11 » 2011/09/04 14:39:29

I'm new to Linux. Do I need to worry about viruses etc...? Do I need to install some antivirus? If not then how to maintain the security, permissions and other geeky stuff?
How to protect my system from possible malware, viruses... I do not believe that Linux is bulletproof. Not long ago there was a virus problem with Oracle-Linux... I'm sure the community aware of this.
Thank you very much.
Art. :-)

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Do I need Antivirus?

Post by oscarenzo » 2011/09/08 06:50:07

hello, i think that not have worry by the viruses, but you can take care with the tojans becouse can create dead process and this user your memory and you server can be more slow. however the windows viruses can not any damage to linux but gnu / linux can be a good bridge for spread this viruses to other windows pc. this is my review.

please if i'm mistaking, can somebody correct me?


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