Kick user in web site.

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Kick user in web site.

Post by vinnyrj » 2011/07/21 18:49:55

Hello I am new here in the next forum and I have a doubt.

First excuse my English because I am Brazilian and I am using a translator.

Next, I saw the proxy server and each person who pays, receives and User password.
the same User can only have one login to ssh.
If someone else try to login with the same User and Password can not.

More'm having a problem when the person drops the connection.
She can not log into ssh.
So you wanted to know if some kind soul who can help me.

There is one who sells script host reboot the machine by the control panel.

I wonder if change is to kick him to the X login account logged on the site which is equal to the account using SSH.

If someone could help me thank you.

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Kick user in web site.

Post by pschaff » 2011/07/22 14:09:32

Welcome to the CentOS fora. Please see the recommended reading for new users linked in my signature.

Sorry, I am afraid too much may have been lost in translation. I am unable to understand your request. I suggest you try the [url=]CentOS-pt-br -- Portuguese (Brazilian) CentOS mailing list[/url].

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