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Wordpress/buddypress extreme apache memory usage on my VPS

Posted: 2011/06/23 08:15:07
by mashamit
Good Morning everyone,

Im duplicating across all forums I think may b eable to help so if you see this query on other sites, its because this problem is driving me bonkers!!!

I have a friend that has just uploaded a WP/BP website to my server, and as soon as I surf to the home page, my apache memory usage shoots from 2% to 75-80% and stays there until about 15 mins after all activity on the site stops. Currently there is only me accessing the site, and none of the REAL content has been added, blogs, vids, pics etc.

server stats are as follows

centos 5
1gb ram
1 x 2.2 ghz processor
100gb hdd
unlimited traffic.

my questions are.

Should that kind of site be using that amount of resources (posted on WP forum)
What would it be doing that uses that amount of apache memory.
Can I limit the amount it uses without affecting the site running.
Is there a way I can find out what processes etc are causing the peak, ie a log or something. To help me and you understand (mainly me) whats going on.

Im fairly new to centos/linux so my diagnostic skills are somewhat lacking :)

any help would be greatly appreciated


Wordpress/buddypress extreme apache memory usage on my VPS

Posted: 2011/06/24 14:21:10
by pschaff
One GB RAM is not much by today's standards, so there may not be a real issue. You can monitor memory usage with "top" - see "man top".