DNS Hell - Help?

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DNS Hell - Help?

Post by Monotoko » 2011/05/06 20:19:37

Hi Guys,

I am having a nightmare, discovered this morning that my server hard disk had died completely and a new one needed to be installed. After the installation of CentOS and re installation of cPanel, I chose Bind DNS in the setup. The setup seems to be working for any accounts I have restored, however it isn't working for subdomains of the FQDN (which I need it too for DNS sync)

Let's say for this situation my FQDN is server1.example.com

The server has multiple VPS's around it, which usually have the hostname vps1.server1.example.com, vps2... etc

In order to set this up before I just added the A record for it to BIND and pointed it at the correct IP and it was all good. This time however, it isn't working. I feel it must be something configured incorrectly as server1.example.com works fine.

My bind log is attached below for anyone who can help :-)

; cPanel 11.28.87-RELEASE_51188
; Zone file for vps1.server1.reddragonhosting.org
$TTL 14400
@ 86400 IN SOA ns1.reddragonhosting.org. danielcase10.gmail.com. (
2011050601 ; serial, todays date+todays
86400 ; refresh, seconds
7200 ; retry, seconds
3600000 ; expire, seconds
86400 ) ; minimum, seconds

vps1.server1.reddragonhosting.org. 86400 IN NS ns1.reddragonhosting.org.
vps1.server1.reddragonhosting.org. 86400 IN NS ns2.reddragonhosting.org.

vps1.server1.reddragonhosting.org. IN A

localhost.vps1.server1.reddragonhosting.org. IN A

vps1.server1.reddragonhosting.org. IN MX 0 vps1.server1.reddragonhosting.org.

mail IN CNAME vps1.server1.reddragonhosting.org.
www IN CNAME vps1.server1.reddragonhosting.org.
ftp IN CNAME vps1.server1.reddragonhosting.org.

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DNS Hell - Help?

Post by pschaff » 2011/05/07 15:39:22

Welcome to the CentOS fora. Reading [url=https://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=47]FAQ & Readme First[/url] is recommended for new users.

Did you install 5.6 and apply all updates?

It may be difficult to get help here on a cPanel system as they make so many changes to the OS, and you should take advantage of their [url=http://www.cpanel.net/support.html]support[/url] that you are presumably paying for; however, to get anything from here, please [url=http://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=25128&forum=47]provide more information about your system[/url] to give us more data to work with.

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