installing error

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installing error

Post by sniperscope » 2011/03/21 14:51:09

Hi again.
I bought brand new Fujitsu Primergy TX100 S1. And it comes with Pentium E5400 processor, 1gb Ram and no HDD
So, i bought 1TB HDD and installed CentOS x86_64. Everything went smoothly and installation finished restart. I got error says "Operating System NOT Found"

What do i have to do ?

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Re: installing error

Post by AlanBartlett » 2011/03/21 23:58:18

From your brief description, it reads as if there has been no bootstrap code written to the MBR of your hard disk.

Please go to the [i]CentOS[/i] wiki, have a read of the article titled [url=]How to re-install bootstrap code (GRUB)[/url] and see if that resolves the issue.

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Re: installing error

Post by sniperscope » 2011/03/22 13:03:04

Dear Alan
Thanks for your response. I did check url you provided and i followed the steps there. After all i received message says "installing grub is finished, there was nor error" (or something like that) .
I typed exit command quit and restart pc. However i got following errors.

PXE-E53: No boot filename received.
PXE-M0(or O. I am not sure it is O or 0)F: Exiting intel boot agent.
Operating system not found.

Any help will be consider great appreciation.

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installing error

Post by gerald_clark » 2011/03/22 13:06:47

Go into your BIOS setup.
Disable network boot.
Enable hard drive boot.

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Re: installing error

Post by sniperscope » 2011/03/22 13:29:37

Thank you for your response.
I took your advise and disabled lan boot.
After reboot, i saw "Operating system not found" error directly(there was no errors which i wrote in my previous post).
So, i check boot order by pressing F12, i figured out that bios dont see HDD, just dvd-rom.
I may take another suggestion.

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Re: installing error

Post by zephyrus » 2011/05/23 18:15:07

I don't know if the original poster is still monitoring this after two months, but
try disabling the BIOS RAID feature (this seems to be the key), and
use IDE mode for SATA disk if possible.

That is, try setting the following in BIOS setup menu.

[SATA RAID Disabled]
[SATA AHCI Disabled]

This, especially, RAID has been known to
cause problems for non-supported OS installation such
as XP, centos, and other OS on this box.

I have one myself, and TX100S1 seems to find a niche market in Japan
among those who would like to have a very silent PC: yes,
people including myself use it as a very quiet PC.

The disabling of BIOS RAID feature is something I noticed often when I use google to look for
some articles / blog posts about this TX100S1 box.

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