Magento on Centos Lamp (Minimal Installation)

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Magento on Centos Lamp (Minimal Installation)

Post by spirithro » 2011/01/22 12:25:10

Hello, I am looking for some help with a project, i intend to do a few vps using centos for magento ecommerce and im trying to do a very minimal installation of centos (for testing purposes)

The only things that I am going to need are apache , mysql and php with the following extensions: PDO_MySQL, simplexml, mcrypt, hash, GD, DOM, iconv, curl and SOAP

And the basics: yum, nano and wget. (i am probably gonna install a firewall, not really sure about that)

The question is, what are the absolutely bare minimal i need in order to boot centos and run my required services ?

I was thinking of doing this using a kickstart file and i don't really know what to add at %packages (except --nobase) since i never done this before, so any help or kickstart example will be highly appreciated. :lol:

Thank you,

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Magento on Centos Lamp (Minimal Installation)

Post by pschaff » 2011/01/22 17:26:44

Plenty of examples out there in google-land. Try

[url=]minimal kickstart centos OR rhel OR "red hat enterprise linux"[/url]

Personally, if this is a one-up install and not something you need to repeat, I'd just use the regular installer. For the most minimal install de-select everything including base. You can then add in packages you need. When the install is done you will find /root/anaconda-ks.cfg with your selections, which you can use as a starting point if you do want to develop a kickstart process.

I would [b]highly[/b] recommend you use a firewall for an ecommerce server. The actual firewall is the [url=]netfilter[/url] code in the kernel anyway. The iptables package just provides the interface.

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Re: Magento on Centos Lamp (Minimal Installation)

Post by spirithro » 2011/01/22 22:31:14

Thank you for the reply, on a production ecommerce server I would use a firewall, (csf or apf), but the thing I try to accomplish is more a testing project, not a actual live production server.

I already started from the kickstart file after the installation (in which i remove all the packages that i could) but it still installs a lot of things i don't need like dmraid, lvm2, kvm, dhcp client, and so on ..., and I want to remove even more packages, I intend to really strip down centos to the actual minimal require packages and dependencies in order to function with apache, php and mysql.

I wanted to know if any of you have done this before and if you can give me any tips or examples.

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