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tomcat issue

Posted: 2010/10/22 09:45:53
by sachindtorne

We are running Tomcat on two different servers. One is Tomcat5 comes under RHEL5.2 DVD, Other is Tomcat5.5.28 from Tomcat website. Both are running on RHEL5.2

Downloaded Tomcat shows " catalina.out, admin.log, catalina.log, host-manager.log, localhost.log, manager.log " in log directory.

while Tomcat5 installed from DVD shows only "catalina.out" log. we need all above logs in this server too.

Thanks in advance

tomcat issue

Posted: 2010/10/22 12:45:02
by pschaff
You should immediately update to the current release 5.5. 5.2 is [b]seriously[/b] obsolete and has numerous known bugs and security issues that have been fixed in subsequent updates. Obsolete releases are not supported, nor is it advisable to be running them.

See the [url=]CentOS 5.5 Release Notes[/url] Section 4 for details on the recommended update procedure.

If you are still having problems with the current version then we may be able to help.

Re: tomcat issue

Posted: 2010/10/22 13:41:05
by sachindtorne
Thanks For your Reply.

Your Are Genious Man.

Re: tomcat issue

Posted: 2010/10/22 14:13:12
by pschaff
You are welcome, although I am unsure of the definition of "Genious Man" - guess I'll assume it means generous-genius. :-D

Can we assume that the topic should be marked [SOLVED] for the benefit of posterity?

Re: tomcat issue

Posted: 2010/10/22 15:06:19
by sachindtorne

i am using tomcat5.5.23 which comes under 5.2 not tomcat5.2. And if you are talking to update 5.2 then its quite difficult because its live share market server.

Please Help me .

Thanks in advace.

Re: tomcat issue

Posted: 2010/10/22 15:17:17
by sachindtorne

This our production server. i anyone knows. kindly update on this!!!.
I hv seen "" of both server. there are same, no change found.

Is any other parameter enable or disable logging ?

Re: tomcat issue

Posted: 2010/10/22 18:55:02
by AlanBartlett
[i]CentOS 5.2[/i] is obsolete and is no longer supported. It contains many bugs and security issues which have long been fixed. The installation and usage of [i]CentOS 5.2[/i] is deprecated.

The current release of [i]CentOS[/i] is [b]5.5[/b]. For details of the recommended procedure how to update to [i]CentOS 5.5[/i], please see Section #4 of the [url=]CentOS 5.5 Release Notes[/url], as mentioned by [b]Phil[/b] in his post, above.