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Re: Long webpage load times

Post by hansolo » 2011/01/18 21:29:19

I'm sorry to see the sites in which one made a lot of scripts running dependent of each other.

My suggestion is like [b]foxb[/b] suggested - you should try [url=http://tools.pingdom.com/]website load analyzer[/url] (google for more)
and solve the dependent scripts to make it run faster. (the link on page loads 4 seconds -> w w w.trident-gaming.net/forums/ and also all other images related there - h t tp:// w w w.trident-gaming.net/forums/public/style_images/brave/_custom/bg-rep.png )
Also [url=http://loadimpact.com]Server Load test[/url] is useful

good luck

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Re: Long webpage load times

Post by jmelees » 2011/02/02 18:24:25

We had a similar issue and it was the hosting environment. I'd recommend having a hoster do the analysis.
I didn't see on the thread, is the host dedicated??

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