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[SOLVED] Permissions / Perl CGI

Posted: 2010/09/07 14:48:37
by Bigus

I have a Plesk-controlled server set up running Apache and am having file premission issues.

That is, I've got a script that needs to create a new file in a directory that belongs to another domain. For example:

needs to write to:


The permissions/owner/group on that directory are:

775 / doman2_user / psacln

I've tried adding the users 'domain1_user' and 'apache' to the psacln group (and restarting Apache) but I still get "permission denied" when trying to write the file.

Any ideas what I need to do to get this to work?


Re: Permissions / Perl CGI

Posted: 2010/09/07 16:03:00
by Bigus
Hmm, I've found a solution.

If I add domain1_user to the psaserv group it works.

I don't really understand *why* that works though. psaserv is the group on the httpdocs directory itself but the group at the level I want to write to is psacln, which I thought would override that.


[SOLVED] Permissions / Perl CGI

Posted: 2010/09/08 17:26:02
by pschaff
Thanks for reporting your solution. Marking the thread [SOLVED] for posterity.