Basic website authentication?

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Basic website authentication?

Post by airofu » 2010/08/10 06:31:38

I've installed the base CentOS 5.5 with Apache and a website setup working OK. How do I enable basic authentication for entry into the website? Thanks

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Re: Basic website authentication?

Post by gazolinia » 2010/08/10 07:01:06

Not sure about what authentication you are expecting ? Basic authentication you can get from apache is using .htaccess and so. If you want cookie, password based authentication you have to install mod_php or mod perl to your apache and write your own perl or php code . I guess this question is not related to Cent os forum .

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Basic website authentication?

Post by AlanBartlett » 2010/08/10 17:31:47

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Re: Basic website authentication?

Post by chrisadam » 2010/08/25 11:30:10

There is a system for requiring a username/password before a client can visit a webpage. This is called authentication and is implemented on the server. It allows a whole set of pages (called a realm) to be protected by authentication.

This scheme (or schemes) are defined by the HTTP spec, and so whilst python supports authentication it doesn't document it very well. HTTP documentation is in the form of RFCs [1] which are technical documents and so not the most readable .

The two normal [2] authentication schemes are basic and digest authentication. Between these two, basic is overwhelmingly the most common. As you might guess, it is also the simpler of the two.

A summary of basic authentication goes like this :

client makes a request for a webpage
server responds with an error, requesting authentication
client retries request - with authentication details encoded in request
server checks details and sends the page requested, or another error

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