Virtual hosting - some input

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Virtual hosting - some input

Post by madal30 » 2008/12/16 15:50:40

Hello all,

I have one centos 5 box up and running with some webserver application. There are no problem so far. Now I wanted to add another website on the same machine. I read virtual host can be used for this purpose. This is what I am looking for.

Machine has only one network interface and has a IP, subnet mask as and gateway Another IP is completely different subnet. I would like to host in the same machine - how can i achieve this ?

I tried configuring virtualhost both via GUI and command line but could not get anywhere. some inputs will certinly help


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Virtual hosting - some input

Post by gerald_clark » 2008/12/16 16:20:26

You need to configure your router to port forward to another port on your server, and
configure httpd to run another VirtualHost for that port..

Please read your config files, as well as the new member wiki pages:

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