need help in httpd and .htaccess

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need help in httpd and .htaccess

Post by Nanflexal » 2008/10/05 13:06:58

how to restart httpd in centos-5-i386? and how to enable .htaccess.


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need help in httpd and .htaccess

Post by toracat » 2008/10/05 16:20:33

If you are new to CentOS and the forums, please read:

and please also read documentations. You will easily find, for instance,

Then, by following the URL on that page, you can get to

This is just an example of how you can find answers to your questions.

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Re: need help in httpd and .htaccess

Post by sakuiweb » 2008/11/20 13:38:03

to restart httpd run the command:

/etc/init.d/httpd restart

(you should see it stop and start, you may get a warning if the service had not alredy started)

to enable .htaccess you need to grant overwite permisions, the default install httpd.conf has instructions on how to do this,
in short you will need to create a directory tag like the follwing:

#AllowOverride (options go here)
#example 1:
AllowOverride None
#example 2:
AllowOverride All
#example 3:
AllowOverride Options FileInfo AuthConfig Limit

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