apache - sendmail - domain.

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apache - sendmail - domain.

Post by janusz » 2008/10/02 12:37:47

Here is the situation:

I have domain example.com

I have my own www server so i redirect example.com to my ip address. The site i working perfeckly, but i have a little bit problem with emails. My email services are provided by external company. I turn on sendmail (without any configuration). On my website there is a php form to send a message to me. if i set up email: admin@example.com message wont go. If i setup any other emial - not connected with my domain every thing is fine.

Is there any trick in sendmail or centos configuration to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: apache - sendmail - domain.

Post by Koen » 2008/10/04 20:30:58

Make sure you are not using conflicting hostnames.

For example, if your MX record is set to server1.example.com
and your server has the hostname server1.example.com (locally), it may just forward the mail to itself.

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Re: apache - sendmail - domain.

Post by sakuiweb » 2008/11/20 13:51:21

yep, it's called relaying, sendmail is rather awkward to setup, there are a variety of relaying options, to send mail through an external company you will need to configure sendmail with the smarthost function. (the easyest way to configure sendmail is to install webmin with sendmail).

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