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No loopback issue

Posted: 2008/07/08 22:00:09
by MajorNewbie
We are hosting our own website.

My servers are behind a Westell wireless modem which disallow loopbacks and I have a fixed IP-address. Up until now not an issue since, for testing purposes, I can go out to a proxy server and come back in with someone else's DHCP ip-address ie. the Westell modem does not know it's me coming back in.

When using a purchased software login utility: http://localhost/ login.cfm I got the login page asking for username and password which I keyed it as "user/user". Then the login.cfm re-direct the page to . The browser gets this absolute URL and tries to access on a fixed ip-address, which caused it to throw the error message about firewall and proxy problem.

I have been thinking of several solutions:
(1) load BIND and configure as a name server;
(2) modify /etc/hosts by adding following line ""
(3) modify the code - hardcode it to look for localhost/login.cfm as follows:
I am not a programmer, but I think these Coldfusion lines in login.cfm might have something to do with it:


I think if we hardcode that to http://localhost/... we might bypass this problem until production.

(2) is easiest but it goes into some sort of a loop, everytime I key in username/pwd it throws the login page again.
Of course, using the static IP address won't help either eg. 111.222.333.444
(1) is requires the most effort and there's no guarantee.

Anyone has a suggestion?


Re: No loopback issue

Posted: 2008/07/08 23:31:59
by MajorNewbie
Perhaps hang a new router behind the current modem-cum-router, one which allows NAT-loopback?

That would cost money :(