Error connecting to MySQL

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Error connecting to MySQL

Post by jhyland87 » 2008/04/04 19:56:16

ok so first off, I had a problem connecting to the mysql server if I wasnt on the server its self, my fix was to use putty to open an SSH tunnel, and then use a gui MySQL client to connect, that works. However.. when I post PHP scripts on my page, that try to connect to the MySQL db, I get this error..

[quote]Host 'ch-util.goodyearaz.pri' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server[/quote]

Why is this? Even if im on the server and I go to localhost I cant connect..

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Error connecting to MySQL

Post by kentyler » 2008/04/15 20:26:55

You need to enable privileges for the user for that host.

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Re: Error connecting to MySQL

Post by jamesapnic » 2008/07/09 22:54:30


[quote]GRANT ALL TO user@ch-util.goodyearaz.pri on DBNAME.* identified by 'PASSWORD'[/quote]

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