Need adivce on Apache,PHP and Postgres

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Need adivce on Apache,PHP and Postgres

Post by dymatrix » 2008/03/22 17:28:27


I have an application that I have had someone developing using PHP, Postgres on an existing Centos 4.5 box. This box is purely for development. I am ready to deploy to a production server and have done a full install of Centos 5.1 and applied updates. It was recommended to me that I not do that but rather do a minimal install and install and compile from source the LAMP stack components that I need. I am currently testing the process using VM Ware on a Centos 5.1 box

The final architecture will be as follows:

1..n Apache / PHP servers
Main Postgres server and one Slony replica
1 file server = used to store documents accessed by the various Apache /PHP servers

DR Site will consist of a single multi-cpu system running centos 5.1 with 2 Apache / PHP servers in VM's and remaining (Postgres and files ) running on base system.

My deployment scenario is that all systems are behind a Cisco PIX firewalla with only specific ports open to certain machines. Am I asking for troubly by usinga default Centos 5.1 installation or should I take the advice given and re-do my install.

Thanks for taking time to read this and I appreaciate your comments.

- Lou

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Re: Need adivce on Apache,PHP and Postgres

Post by foxb » 2008/03/22 22:43:33

Usually(in majority of cases) problems/breakins come from buggy code not from Apache/PHP....

PIX can inspect the traffic, but cannot fir programmer errors...

If you want you are free to be bleeding edge and recompile the SW after each developer update.

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