Setting up a web server with security?

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Setting up a web server with security?

Post by railer » 2008/03/18 12:43:52

Can anyone direct me to instructions on how to setup a server properly for web hosting? LAMP server packages would be great, with security features too -- a firewall (iptables), caching proxy (squid), and whatever else is suggested for server sites on the Internet. Can't seem to find that info in these forums. I have a control panel (DSM/ServerCP) but some info on ispconfig (if you recommend it) would be good, too.

All help is appreciated,

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Re: Setting up a web server with security?

Post by gerald_clark » 2008/03/18 13:08:40

LAMP is installed when server is selected during install.
Read the Wiki.
Read the DOCs.

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Re: Setting up a web server with security?

Post by Wan2Fly » 2008/04/18 13:13:01

This is what i don't like about this forum.

There are people who know a lot about CentOs and linux/Unix and there there is some who want to know more. then you get a person that says read.

This forum could be much better is there was a better support base and proved help as opposed to just saying read.

What do other think?


[EDIT by admin] For answers please see the thread you started here:

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