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Apache Slows

Posted: 2008/03/11 17:02:19
by phpsmitty
I'm currently having trouble with apache slowing down. If I restart Apache, everything picks back up but it gradually gets slower. I primarly notice the problem when executing php scripts that are making database calls to a dedicated mysql server.

Any insight would be greatly helpful,


Apache Slows

Posted: 2008/03/11 17:28:34
by gerald_clark
Check your PHP code.
Are you closing your database connections?
Any slow queries?

Re: Apache Slows

Posted: 2008/03/11 17:47:14
by phpsmitty
I was using a pconnect and I have just changed it to a regular connect. I'm hoping this will fix the problem. I just migrated from W2k3/IIS to CentOs/Apache. I had no problems on IIS. I should know within a few hours if everything is ok or not.