Sun Cobalt Raq3i server migration to CentOS 5.1

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Sun Cobalt Raq3i server migration to CentOS 5.1

Post by Zoro » 2007/12/16 06:07:34

I purchased a new server to migrate a single Cobalt Raq3i server unit which is loaded with a few websites, users, and an important MySQL database. Per the migration instructions of various companies which use the CentOS / BlueQuartz software on their servers, I have reached the last step #15 shown below and need your help. I need to install BlueQuartz software for remote administration purposes and the CMU package (imports all websites' data) on the new CentOS server to finalize this migration since the data is in the [b]/home/cmu/[/b] directory and has not been imported into the system.

[i]How do I install these two software using the GNOME GUI "Applications, Add/Remove Software" feature OR through the command line, to ensure these programs are functional with CentOS 5.1?[/i]

I'm posting the instructions for other Raq3 / Raq3i owners who may have similar objectives.

Thank you in advance, I appreciate your help very much.


Migration Raq to Centos/BlueQuartz systems -
Install cobaltCMU utility on the RaQ

1) Login to a shell session
2) execute su - (at the command line, type in "su" and then enter administrator's password)
3) cd /home/packages
4) wget
5) Go into the admin GUI and install the CMU package

Once package is installed return to the shell session, as root user, start cmuExport utility
6) cmuExport

You should now have the exported system in /home/cmu/host.domain.tld
Where host.domain.tld ( is the name of the RaQ servercd /home/cmu

7) tar -czpsvf host.domain.tld.tgz host.domain.tld
8) ftp {ipaddress of new server}
9) login as admin, password admin
10) put host.domain.tld.tgz (move tarball to the new server)

Login to a shell session on the new server as root user (at the command line, type in "su" and then enter administrator's password)

Note: Make sure the new server only has hostname set in System Settings,
and the hostname is not the same as any of the imported sites, a
nd that there are no virtual sites, y
ou may change the hostname after the import has been completed.

11) cd /home/users/admin
12) cp host.domain.tld.tgz /home/cmu
13) cd /home/cmu
14) tar -xzpsvf host.domain.tld.tgz

LAST STEP: You will now have a directory /home/cmu/host.domain.tld

If the old server was doing DNS, enable DNS on the new server

Note: if the IP addresses are going to be the same on both servers execute the following
15) cmuImport -d host.domain.tld

Note if IP addresses are different
15) cmuImport -I new.ipa.ddr.ess -d host.domain.tld

Note: if you have several different IP addresses then you have to import using
15) cmuImport -n host.domain.tld -I new.ip.addr.ess host.domain.tld
the -n argument may contain more than one host.domain.tld

[b]END OF COBALT RAQ3i SERVER MIGRATION NOTES ------------------[/b]

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Sun Cobalt Raq3i server migration to CentOS 5.1

Post by dymatrix » 2008/01/19 17:02:18


I too have a SUn Coblat Raq , a Raq 550 that is used as email server for several domains. I have been looking at Blue Quartz as well. I may try the procedure inyour post this weekend and report back here as to my progress. I do recall some time ago finding someone who was willing to assist in migrating my Raq to BlueQ, but I cannot find his contact information. I will look for it

- Lou

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Re: Sun Cobalt Raq3i server migration to CentOS 4.5

Post by Zoro » 2008/02/20 08:00:33

Hello my friend,

Please review the information in the following resolution:

To reach our server migration objectives, we chose to downgrade from CentOS 5.1 to CentOS 4.5, since there wasn't a BlueQuartz version for CentOS 5.x. Our Raq3i server migration over to CentOS/BlueQuartz was successful thanks to Brian Smith, the developer, who supplied the CentOS/BlueQuartz NuOnce 4.8 CD on there website for a superb, completely automatic installation. The installation CD correctly formatted and partitioned the hard drive on our new system and properly configured the partitions, paths, and installed the server software applications so that websites, CGIs, and other functions will [b]cmuImport[/b] and work successfully. Please note, our server had over 6 GB of data and thus, option #7 in the above previous instructions did not work because the tar file was too big and broke at the 2 GB limit. Thus, after the installation, we moved all our data files from the old server directory [b]\cmu\ [/b] (cmuExport utility tar files all websites and users into this directory), over to a temp directory on the new server. On the new server, we then issued the [b]cmuImport[/b] command to import the websites and users into the new server.
Here's the direct link to the CD installation:

We now have [b]The Perfect Server[/b]!

Good luck to you and all Raq owners in the world.

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