argh help!!! To many problems!!!

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argh help!!! To many problems!!!

Post by ajkiwi88 » 2007/11/25 19:26:04

first off i have cent os set up as a web server and now want to connect it to the university network (i am part of the union we are running a small website) but there website is based on the same network is it possible to run my server and theres on the same connection?

they want to incorporate a radio station. is it possible to live stream using cent os as a server if so how?

as much help as possible will be apreciated

many thanks

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Re: argh help!!! To many problems!!!

Post by FunkyRes » 2007/11/26 00:12:35

Yes - your computer will have a different domain name, so web requests will go to your domain.

As far as running a radio station for it, I have no experience in that department - but you may want to look at shoutcast or icecast and whether or not you have the bandwidth to do it.

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