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Screen saver won't unlock

Posted: 2015/10/16 19:23:42
by GibsonPaul
I'm a newbie to CentOS (and *nix in general), so please forgive me if I miss something obvious. I'm a Windows network administrator by profession who's been assigned to support a few CentOS virtual machines.

I'm having a problem with the CentOS 5.11 screen saver. The screen saver is turned on and requires a password to unlock. Unfortunately, entering the password doesn't unlock the screen. The unlock dialog box shakes for a second and stays visable. To get back into the machine, I have to reboot the machine or connect remotely and for a logoff of the locked session.

I tried installing xscreensaver, but that had the same problem.

I suspect the problem is a security setting, but so far I haven't been able to idenfity it. The regulations we have to follow require security to be turned up very high. Because of the security requirements, I can't post logs here; sorry.