Kerbrose authentication issue

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Kerbrose authentication issue

Post by mohanpothula » 2015/04/21 12:43:03

I installed kerbrose package in centos 5.5 and able to created principles but when perform kadmin or kinit its giving error "bash: kinit: command not found".Any issue with configuration ?.Please advise

I have follows the steps as below link .

$ yum install krb5-libs krb5-server krb5-workstation

root@nfsserver Desktop]# service kadmin status
kadmind (pid 1909) is running...
[root@nfsserver Desktop]# service krb5kdc status
krb5kdc (pid 1920) is running...

root@nfsserver Desktop]# kadmin.local -q "addprinc admin/admin"
Authenticating as principal nfss/admin@GDD.NL with password.
WARNING: no policy specified for admin/admin@GDD.NL; defaulting to no policy
Enter password for principal "admin/admin@GDD.NL":
Re-enter password for principal "admin/admin@GDD.NL":
Principal "admin/admin@GDD.NL" created.

[root@nfsserver sbin]# kadmin
bash: kadmin: command not found
[root@nfsserver sbin]#
[root@nfsserver sbin]#
[root@nfsserver sbin]# kinit
bash: kinit: command not found


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