HA-PRoxy install on Centos 5

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HA-PRoxy install on Centos 5

Post by dremonie » 2016/01/04 20:09:17

Hi All,

I'm currently moving a Proxy server from Debian 5 to Centos 5. To make things identical, I want the same version of haproxy so I can simply copy the config file and start the service.

The problem that I'm having is EPEL has removed haproxy from the repo and I am unable to 'yum install haproxy'. What is a good way to go about finding version 1.4 and installing it with yum and not rebuilding it myself. I've read several posts about issues with rebuilding and third party repos.

Thanks community for any input! :D

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Re: HA-PRoxy install on Centos 5

Post by avij » 2016/01/04 20:45:50

For the record, HAProxy still exists in EPEL5, though the version is 1.3.26. If "yum install haproxy" does not install haproxy, you should have a look at your yum config.

My advice for you would be to switch to CentOS 6 or CentOS 7. CentOS 5 is in its latter stages of life, and people should be migrating to newer versions already. Both CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 include HAProxy 1.5.14.

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