XP workgroups can't join domain properly

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XP workgroups can't join domain properly

Post by csabix » 2015/06/12 20:18:09

Hello all

I've been called to a company to do the admin stuff.
They have a Centos server with Samba 3.6 as domain controller.
Recently I had to reinstall Windows on 2 computers which previously had no issues joining the domain.
Now, after I log in, the OS is in read only mode: no settings are saved (like Word wrap in Notepad, taskbar setting etc). Outlook Express cannot be started because it asks to choose some Identities from a blank list where I can't even add any due to some "switching" error. Even the print spooler can't be used.

Machine names and user names are identical with old computers'.

Do you guys have any clue where should I search?

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Re: XP workgroups can't join domain properly

Post by aks » 2015/06/14 07:25:20

It's been a while since I looked at Microsoft Active Directory. At install the machine generates it's SID. This is also published to MAD, so the workstation can authenticate. I'm guessing the new SID could not be updated in MAD as the original objects exist, so the workstation could no longer authenticate.

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