Centos Sendmail Is Very Slow

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Centos Sendmail Is Very Slow

Post by arunicbe » 2014/07/24 10:42:00

I have a CentOS release 6.5 (Final) server. The sendmail service is taking almost 3-5 to start.

Also, the mail sent through command line mail command and through php code taking same time to deliver.

I tried many solutions. Nothing works.

My /etc/hosts contains these values. localhost localhost.localdomain
::1 localhost localhost.localdomain

Any help to fix this will be highly appreciated.

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Re: Centos Sendmail Is Very Slow

Post by TomE » 2014/08/25 12:37:05

The most common reason for slow sendmail startup is DNS not resolving. There are tons of queries about this on Google, this one describes what's happening and how to fix it.

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Re: Centos Sendmail Is Very Slow

Post by avij » 2014/08/28 19:37:26

You should check that all the name servers in your /etc/resolv.conf respond to queries. The easiest way to do that is with dig, like dig @ www.centos.org, where is your DNS server's IP address.

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