ATA1: {SError CommWake DevExc

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ATA1: {SError CommWake DevExc

Post by rcsilva1973 » 2014/03/18 05:38:53

I have a client that has a server running CentOS 5, happened a few power outages that UPS could not hold the time the blackout happens when you try to put the server in the air started to kernel panic error and could not mount the partition / dev / proc went with CentOS livecd mounted the partition ran fsck.ext3 was over 24 hours and still going, only that keeps popping up error message ATA1: {SError CommWake DevExc irq_Stat 0x0000040 ... and also how to fix it when I restarted the server appeared oara log in but will not let you type anything just entering the livecd to enter the hd, I can even mount another, but I need a file to a virtual disk server to put this on the new server, how to act in this case ......! I'm newbie in Linux

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Re: ATA1: {SError CommWake DevExc

Post by TrevorH » 2014/03/18 10:30:25

Without seeing the full error message, I would say that your hard disk is dying and you should investigate further using the manufacturer supplied tools.
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