Kernel panic with domain validation write failure

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Kernel panic with domain validation write failure

Post by tulsis » 2014/02/07 06:16:13


In my client place, they were running zimbra mail server on centos.sometimes they got read only filesystem on root HDD & they were run fsck on with mounted root. last two days ago they got kernel panic error with "data validation write failure". I want to recover the data,so i put livecd and checked the partiotions. we had two HDD( around 148 GB scsi),but showed partiotions /dev/sdb1 - 500M & /dev/sdc1 66G.

kindly help out the issue.

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Re: Kernel panic with domain validation write failure

Post by Super Jamie » 2014/02/26 11:59:19

If your partition table is corrupt, that might indicate further corruption, maybe even a controller fault or that the disks have died.

If you know how the partitions used to be laid out, try re-creating them and see if the data is still there. If you don't know, then the data is probably gone.

Filesystems usually go read-only because the storage disappears out from under them. This is a big problem. In future, troubleshoot these issues instead of just leaving them to repeat.

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