syslog won't start

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syslog won't start

Post by alfa01 » 2014/01/24 03:45:52

Yesterday I have made an upgrade to one of the servers to CentOS 5.10.
The upgrade went smooth however since then no logging accrue, using webmin on the log page webmin provide button asking to start the syslog server "Click this button to start the syslog server /sbin/syslogd. Until it is started, no logging can be done."
Clicking this won't start and it takes ages without any information.
I also notice that it takes up to 5 minutes for the server to restart.
The only way it works is if I disable SeLinux, tired to reset Selinux without success
Any advice?

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Re: syslog won't start

Post by shaheel » 2014/05/10 05:57:15

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Re: syslog won't start

Post by TrevorH » 2014/05/10 11:17:26

I do not think that replacing your syslog with a different server is the correct solution.

Since you appear to have narrowed down the problem to being selinux related, boot in permissive mode and once it's running, as root, run aureport -a. The output you see will be timestamped on the left hand side and in chronological order. Look at the last few entries with timestamps around the time of your reboot. From the right hand side of each of those last few entries, take the number that's there and use that in ausearch -a nnnn where nnnn is the number from the aureport message. This will show you a message or two about the cause of the selinux denial. If you do not understand how to interpret those then post a few of them here (not too many please!).
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