Question about LDAP and DNS

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Question about LDAP and DNS

Post by adnane » 2014/01/06 23:48:25

hi all,

I have IP phones and i want to install an LDAP server so they can use it to download contacts infos,

these phones ask for a dc=example & dc=com same for the LDAP server,

my question is does the LDAP require a dns ? if not what should I put on these dc= on both the phones and the LDAP server,

Thank You

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Re: Question about LDAP and DNS

Post by tigalch » 2014/01/07 17:07:15

Hello and welcome to the fora,

if i'm not mistaking you need both a valid dns name and the base DN to be correct.
On your client you will need the DNS-name of the LDAP-Server and the valid base DN - usually something like dc=company,dc=country (and possibly something in front of dc=company.
Your LDAP-server must allready be configured to be queryable with that base DN.
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Re: Question about LDAP and DNS

Post by hawkmage » 2014/01/16 03:41:15

The "dc=example,dc=com" is normally used to define the LDAP search base not the host to bind to and doesn't require DNS entry.

Is there a host entry on the phone configuration for LDAP user lookup? Or does it look for a _ldap._tcp SRV entry in DNS?

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