Setting up "view" in BIND named.conf

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Setting up "view" in BIND named.conf

Post by hyperclock255 » 2013/08/28 19:41:48

Hi all, newbie here.

I've a CentOS 5 VPS running OpenVPN and nginx webserver. The VPN works fine with all other website, except my own website (which is running on the same server as the OpenVPN). I'm trying to access my website (on the same server) through the VPN. Because, when I access my website, it goes directly to the site without going through OpenVPN.

I asked the same question here (, and one of the forumer answered that the solution is to create a view/ACL on BIND so that when my vpn client asks for the ip of my site, BIND will return the vpn server address instead of its internet ip.

I know that to configure BIND, it has something to do with "/etc/named.conf". But what should I put in the configuration file? Thanks in advance

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